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company Profile

Balentine came intoexistence in 1997.There has been no looking back since.The brand is gaining popularity with every passing year.

Balentine offers a bewildering variety of options.This is Because We belive in presenting the customer with the dilemma of choice rather than the disappointments of its absence.

The manufacturing facilities of the company are located at Metoda GIDC,Rajkot one of the fastest growing industrial cities of INDIA.The company has everything under roof i.e. right from die making, Pressure die casting,plating department,packing and dispatch.The technically qualified team of Balentine focuses on complete customer satisfaction by supplying quality products at competitive prices.

01. Vision & Mission

Developing great new products

Serving customers through the diverse product portfolio

Ensuring quality and responsiveness of customer services

Providing an enjoyable work environments for employees

Ensuring financial strength and sustainable growth of the company

02. Qaulity Policy

For us,Quality translates as consistent reliability that ultimately wins trust and buids relationships.We go to really great lengths to percolate quality from a mere consciousness to decisive action on the work floor. From the very beginning,we settled for nothing but the best international benchmarks as our goal.

Our Products